Glaze Development Workshop with Gary Hambleton

Workshops in India


Gary has been travelling to India and enjoys working with CLAY, through teaching. He is currently trying to set up a production base in Chandigarh, India, along with undertaking workshop. The three workshops mentioned are those hosted in studios around the country.


 November 2015

Sanskriti –Delhi Blue Pottery Trust is a Ceramic center set up in the heart of New Delhi where Gary finished a glaze development workshop (25th Nov- 30th Nov 2015) with 13 pottery enthusiasts. The beauty about the workshop was its idiosyncrasy, where students of all genre came together to learn.

November 2015

Fun, easy and exciting. That’s what the experience was of Raku workshop at Craft Village. Gary oversaw 14 young students from in and around Delhi who were showed zeal and enthusiasm to learn.

April 2015

Anvi pottery in Indapur(outskirts of Mumbai) which is run by Sandeep Manjrekar held a workshop in April 2015. A total of 11 potters from around the country participated in the workshop. They made the teaching experience a memorable one through their eccentric and artistic vibes. The workspace focused on developing a glaze pallet (cone 11) for copper reds, rutile blues, chuns and fire reduction.

February 2015

The National Institute of Design(NID), Ahemdabad is a premier Design Institute. The teaching experience at NID a multidisciplinary institute was intensive. From throwing skills to designing an ergonomically good tea pot was the prime focus. Gary explained and displayed the glaze development process to the students using both oxidation and reduction firing.



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